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New App Friday: Timeglass

I told you last Friday I would be trying out Timeglass for this week’s New App Friday. I found myself using my iPhone Clock app for several alarms and timers and wanted something to simplify the process.


Timeglass boasts multi-step timers that signal as each step completes and then moves on to the next step. You can also set up a timer with just one step. I love this feature, as the stock Clock app on iPhone doesn’t save timer lengths.

Design/Ease of Use

Timeglass is easy to use and set-up. I love saving multi-step timers and simply starting the timer to get all the steps – talk about a time saver.

Every timer can have multiple steps with different times. You can also customize the name and icon.

Many mornings, I wake up and get to work and then set a timer or alarm for when I need to get ready to leave the house. I created a timer with multiple steps to continue working, eat breakfast, and other tasks to wrap-up before I get ready.

Timeglass is an attractive app. It’s easy to use, but nice on the eyes. Nice combination, always.


Timeglass is free to download, but offers a $2.99 upgrade for their Pro version. The Pro version allows for spoken timers. It also allows users to add more than three timers. I didn’t Upgrade, since I was able to evaluate the app’s main features without.

A few other notes

  • I wish Timeglass offered alarm times as well, with the same features. I’d love an alarm that gives a few minutes window to wrap up what I’m doing.
  • I don’t cook much, so I didn’t evaluate Timeglass in the kitchen, but I think it would be really awesome to use for this purpose.
  • Timeglass does not have an Apple Watch app, or an Android app.

Final Thought – Will It Stay On My Phone?

I like Timeglass, but I won’t keep it on my phone. It’s definitely more versatile than the stock Clock app on iPhone, but I didn’t use it enough to justify every day use. If I cooked more, I would definitely use it.

Join me here next Friday.  I haven’t decided what app I’ll be checking out yet – it’s late on a Friday and I haven’t planned yet.  Suggestions welcome!

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