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It’s Friday, which means its time for New App Friday!  Every week, I report on a new app I tried.  I’m not affiliated with any apps I evaluate, and I’m not receiving any compensation related to these posts.

Setapp Home Page

I first heard about Setapp late last year when it was in beta. It made news again late last month when it launched. I had planned to stick to mobile apps for New App Fridays, but this was too good to ignore.


Setapp is a subscription-based app service.  Think of it as the “Netflix of Mac apps.” You get access to dozens of apps’ premium versions, without having to download them, pay fees, etc.

Design/Ease of Use

Super simple. Download Setapp and create an account. A folder is created in your Launchpad with all of the Setapp apps. There’s also a shortcut in the task bar, so you can search for an app when you need to find one. I discovered apps using both methods – just poking around in the folder or searching by need in the task bar. Easy peasy.

Design is important too, and since Setapp is more of a service than an app, it’s hard to evaluate THEIR design. I will say it’s organization off the bat is awesome – all the apps went into a folder and didn’t mingle in with what I already had. The task bar search is genius.


Setapp is free to download, then is $9.99 as a subscription service. They offer a 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy, and you also don’t have to input any credit card information ahead of time.

My approach to paying for apps varies – for some apps or services, I will pay money. Evernote and Todoist, for instance, are two I use enough that I’m fine paying for the premium service because I use the premium features. Generally speaking, I don’t pay for an app unless I love it and use it. I rarely pay to download an app. For me, it’s not about cost, but value. Superb apps are expensive to download sometimes; they’re also better looking and easier to use, so the cost can be justified. If I don’t use the app every day though, I have a hard time justifying the cost.

I did some research – the apps I used this week, had I purchased them on the App Store, would have cost me $98.96. That’s a heck of a lot more expensive than $9.99 a month.

Does It Work?

Uh…YEAH. Setapp made a believer out of me when I was working on my other business’s website ( Photos needed editing, and I had yet to find a photo editor I totally loved. I clicked on the task bar, typed photos, and found a few to choose from. I opened Polarr, and it was exactly what I needed. A few days later, when I had to edit photos for a client, I opened Polarr right from the get go.

Just today, World Clock Pro was added.  It’s a great app, and given that I have a few international clients, an easy decision to use.

What Do Other People Say?

Final Thought – Will It Stay On My Phone?

Setapp is a fantastic service. And, it’s cheap, at $9.99 a month. As someone who loves finding new apps, it does all my work for me and gives me access to apps without ads and other “crap.”

Another benefit, is Setapp provides access to so many apps. If an app has a concentrated purpose and I only have need for it once, I’d rather access it through a subscription service than paying more to download it for nearly one-time use, or worse, wasting time researching a free app that doesn’t work as well.

Back to my experience editing photos – Polarr is a $20 app. If I were to ever discontinue my Setapp service, Polarr would be one I would download immediately because it’s got what I need for photo editing.

So, yes, Setapp stays and will get my $9.99 every month. If the time ever comes where it’s more cost-effective for me to pay for the app directly to download over the subscription service, I’ll stop. The first few days alone justified the cost for me.

Join me here next Friday for TWO reasons:  I’ll be evaluating Nuzzel for my app of the week, AND it’s my birthday!  I’ll have some goodies to share to mark the occasion.

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