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It’s Friday, which means its time for New App Friday!  Every week, I report on a new app I tried.  I’m not affiliated with any apps I evaluate, and I’m not receiving any compensation related to these posts.

Lately, I’ve been working to improve some daily habits that I don’t necessarily count as “tasks” but want to do everyday. Momentum has been on my list to try, so the app got the exclusive honor of being reviewed for today’s New App Friday.


Momentum, in their own words, is an app that helps you “Form new habits. Simply. Beautifully. Permanently.” Each day, you tick off the habits, and you get a green box. As you continue, the green boxes form a chain. I had three habits I wanted to work on: journaling everyday, posting on my personal Twitter page daily, and Bible reading. Three things I don’t consider “tasks,” so I don’t put them on my to do list.

Design/Ease of Use

Momentum hails itself as a beautiful app, and I don’t think they’re wrong. It is a good looking app. While design is important, the important thing is if it’s easy to use, obviously; here, Momentum shines. The app was easy to download and to start using immediately. I grabbed it from the App Store and within seconds had that bad boy up and running.

You identify your habit, then add extra details (repeats, reminders, weekly targets, etc). Easy peasy. I set up a review each night at 9 PM so I could check off if I had been a good girl that day or not.


Momentum is a free download, but you’re limited to three habits. For $4.99, you can unlock the Premium features, which include:

  • Unlimited Habits
  • Mac App
  • iCloud Sync
  • Multiple Reminders
  • Data Export/Backup
  • Touch ID Lock

To evaluate the app, I didn’t find the need to purchase the $4.99 version.

Does It Work?

I’ve written about Todoist ad nauseam, but one feature Todoist boasts for Premium users is “Karma.” There are days where I find myself taking a few extra minutes to knock out one more task to meet my goal and increase my karma points. There are also days I miss it by one or two and then I’m just pissed at myself.

To that end, Momentum is awesome if, like me, you’re motivated by a strange desire to get an “atta girl” from an app when you meet your goal. “As your chain grows longer,” Momentum says, “you becomes less likely to quit.” True story. Scientifically speaking, the more you do something, the more you’re likely to continue doing it. Momentum offers tracking, but the visual aspect is extra motivation to keep going.

I used Momentum this week as a tracker, because I wanted to see how well I was doing in these areas. I found I wasn’t doing well AT ALL (don’t you hate that?). I thought I had been doing okay with these particular habits, but at week’s end, I realized I was really only getting the tweets out and not journaling or reading.

This past week was pretty darn hectic, schedule-wise. I find if I get home from an event or meeting after a certain time, I’m not going to journal or read my Bible. Seeing the chain broken up bothers me, so moving forward, I’m going to make more of an effort to handle these things earlier.

What Do Other People Say?

Time, Macworld, Cult of Mac (where I first heard of the app), and Lifehacker all rave about Momentum.

A Few Other Notes…

  • The app does have an Apple Watch feature – I do have an Apple Watch, but chose not to use Momentum on my wrist since I found myself reviewing at the end of the day and not as I went.
  • I love a good Today widget, and Momentum’s got it.
  • Momentum does not have an Android version – sorry, Droid folks.

Final Thought – Will It Stay On My Phone?

For now? Yes. I will keep tracking and making an effort to journal and read every day.

If you’re looking for a free, easy to use, attractive habit tracker, Momentum is for you.

Next week, I’m going to be testing out Timeglass, which offers multiple timers. Why? Because at one point this week I had five different alarm times set on my iPhone to serve as timers and that’s just silly. Join me back here next Friday to see how it turns out.

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