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Welcome to Efficiency By Emily – you’ve arrived during a migration to Echo Blue Innovations.  Feel free to poke around the blog, read more about Emily below, and head on over to Echo Blue’s blog for reposts, new content, and lots more goodies.

I don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach to being efficient. I believe we’re all different, and our systems and approaches to productivity will be different, too. To that end, this site is for everyone – whether you’re a natural organizer, a hot mess, or somewhere in between.

I love organizing things.  I love solving problems. Being organized is at the core of who I am. I was the kid that put away her toys without prompting.  My favorite Berenstain Bears book was the one where they reorganized their room.  I asked for a filing cabinet for my 11th birthday to properly file magazine clippings.  I created elaborate storage systems in binders for my high school notes.  College found me taking 18 credits while working three jobs and staying involved in several campus groups.

These days, I own a small business, operate this blog, am heavily involved with many different groups and activism causes, and am starting a non-profit, among other things.  Basically, I’m an organizational geek.

I don’t believe there’s any real secret to being organized or to increase efficiency.  We get hung up on what we SHOULD be doing and ignore what actually works for us.

I look for solutions that meet you where you are, so your methods work for YOU.  We’re all different, and we’re productive in different ways.

I DO know, however, that when we feel like our life is in chaos, it zaps our energy.  We get frustrated.  We waste time on “quick-fixes” or undertake massive projects without a plan.  Being unorganized makes us inefficient, and takes over our lives.  I believe an organized life is a better life.

If you’re looking for inspiration to get more done, this site is for you. If you’re looking for actionable, step by step guides to combat the chaos, you’re home. And if you want to learn about new apps and tools you can use to increase your time, then be sure you come every Friday for New App Fridays!